Monthly Meetings

Our regular meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM. These meetings are open to anyone that is interested, free of charge, club membership not required. This is when we have the tasting for the Style of the Month contest. Each month we have a Beer Exchange: bring some bottled homebrew, usually about a six pack, and exchange it bottle for bottle with other members’ homebrew to bring home and enjoy at your leisure. Also feel free to bring some beer to share with the club – almost everyone brings a bottle or growler of either homebrew or interesting commercial beer to share. Please check the calendar for the location each month.

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Other Things We Do

Brewing Contest

Every spring we have an open style brewing competition judged by local professional brewers. Submissions are due at the May club meeting. Each submitted beer should be submitted in four unlabeled bottles. One bottle will be judged collectively by the club, usually at next Big Brew Day. The other three bottles will be sent to the brewers at Blackrocks, The Vierling, Cognition, Jasper Ridge, and Barrel & Beam for judging. There will be prizes donated by club members and local breweries to be awarded to the top winning beers. Brewers of the top 5 beers in the competition have an opportunity to brew their beer at one of the participating local breweries. This competition is open to Marquette Homebrewers members in good standing only.

Big Brew Days

Approximately monthly we get together, usually at a member’s house, sometimes at a local brewery or other events, to brew together. Bring your brewing equipment and brew a batch of homebrew, get together with another member to share equipment and split a batch, or just come by to help or hang out and drink some beer. This is a great time to learn brewing techniques and get suggestions and feedback. There is often a potluck meal. This is a very informal and unstructured event. There is usually quite a lot of beer to share – in fact, Big Brew Days are our primary bottle sharing events and a great way to sample or share interesting commercial beers or some great homebrew. Big Brew Days are open to anyone that is interested, free of charge, club membership not required. See the calendar for the next Big Brew Day.

Style of the Month

Each year at the November meeting the Board of Directors, with input from club members, will designate twelve styles of beer, one for each month of the next calendar year. Once styles have been determined, members will be chosen to give a short presentation on each beer style two months in advance of each month’s style deadline. The first presentation will be given in November on the beer style that is to be brewed for January. These presentations should include a brief history of the style, its origin, typical ingredients and brewing techniques, and style guidelines.

Music Brew Tasting

About once every three months we hold a Music Listening/Beer Tasting event. Anyone interested in brewing for the event is assigned a piece of music to interpret with a batch of homebrew. There are no rules regarding style, process, or ingredients.