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Drífa Brewing Company is Michigan’s first cooperatively-owned craft brewery and one of only approximately twelve in the nation.  We are proud to have accomplished this right here in beautiful Marquette, Michigan!

Like any other craft brewery, we are open to the public, and both members and non-members are welcome to come in and enjoy our constantly-rotating selection of carefully-crafted beers at any time.  No membership is necessary, our doors are open to everyone!

As a cooperative, we are community-owned so you know your money will stay local.  As a craft brewery, we are committed to creativity, quality, and variety, so you know you’ll be pleased with our beer each and every time you visit, which we hope you do very often!


Lifetime Individual Memberships are $99.  As an owner, you are entitled to all the rights and benefits of ownership, including but not limited to the following:

  • Discounts on the price of beer at the taproom.
  • Voting rights
  • A voice in how your cooperative can meet your needs.
  • Annual patronage dividend if the Board of Directors votes to distribute.
  • You own a brewery, and that’s just cool!
  • Become a member

Meet the Team


Heather blew us away in her interview, and this weekend many members of the board spent time with her discussing Drífa Brewing Company and the future of your brewery.

She has tremendous experience, vision, energy, and dedication.

Heather comes to us from Titletown Brewing, where she has been a Brand Representative and Sales Manager, as well as a brewer, bartender, and server.

She has BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) training, Cicerone training, and has managerial experience at Hereford and Hops Brewpub in Wausau, WI.


Matt Burling first learned how to make beer as a home brewer, experimenting with everything he could get his hands on. He polished his game in the Marquette Home Brewers’ Club and then became an Associate Brewer at Cheboygan Brewing Company.

For the past four years he has been the Head Brewer at Jasper Ridge Brewery and Restaurant in Ishpeming, Michigan. But through it all, he has stayed true to his roots, blending an extensive knowledge of traditional styles with an urge to experiment and push the envelope.

Stop in often, we’re sure you’ll be pleased by his spot-on, delicious brews and also surprised by his ability to cook up something subtly different from any beer you’ve tasted before.


Taproom Manager